I love to use the foundation paper piece technique, but I often think about what to do with all those scraps. Personally, I like to pass my scraps along to my quilty friends  and FPP scraps tend to be a funky shape. Here are some alternative ideas for scraps:

  • Pin cushions
  • Leaders and enders
  • Improv piecing!

Why not make an improv zipper pouch. You will need:

  • 1 9″ zipper
  • (2) 6″x9″ outer panels
  • (2) 6″x9″ lining
  • (4) 6″x9″ interfacing

**sew a 1/4″ seam throughout this project.

First, gather all your scraps and sort them by color. Start sewing pieces together, trim, cut and sew until you have (2) 6″x9″ rectangles.

Cut (2) 6″x9″ pieces for your lining and (4) 6″x9″ of lightweight interfacing. Press your interfacing to each of the 4 pieces.



Here’s the fun part: Zippers! Make your zipper sandwich: place one panel right side up and put zipper right side down. Put your lining right side down.Clip or pin and using your zipper foot, sew the 3 layers together. Open your zipper sandwich and press so the right side of the zipper is facing up and the right side of the lining is on the cutting mat. Repeat for the other side of the zipper.





Prepare your boxed corners by cutting 1.5″ squares from each corner. If you prefer to top stitch the top of your zipper pouches, now is the time to do that. Another idea is to do some hand-stitching to your panel or maybe quilt it!




Open your zipper half-way. I can’t stress this enough! if you don’t, you’ll have a hard time opening your pouch after it is sewn. Trim the excess zipper and clip or pin together the pouch panels right side together, and the lining right sides together. Draw a line between the clips of the lining side. This will be the way you turn the pouch right side out. Draw a line on the outside of the lining between the clips. Do not sew on this line.





Clip your boxed corners and sew. Using the picture as a guide, clip the corners of your pouch and sew. Turn your bag inside out, using the hole in the lining. Push out your corners with a chopstick and then whipstitch the lining closed. Voila! you have a little pouch and you saved fabric from going to the trash!






Here are some free tutorials for scrap fabric projects. I also included a tutorial for a pouch that I’ve made mutliple times as gifts!

What other things do you make with your scraps? I’m curious to know in the comments!

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